Tolca Köyü - Hüyük / KONYA / TÜRKİYE


CALLUT SU ÜRÜNLERİ 1999 yılında 2000m2 kullanım alanı ve günlük 5 ton üretim kapasitesi ile kurulmuş olup, bugün kullanım alanı 12000m2 olan ve günlük 15 ton balık işleme kapasitesine sahip bir firma haline gelmiştir.

We act in line with our principles of openness, accountability and responsibility.

With the approach of mutual trust in all services and transactions, we share clear, precise and accurate information.

We care about corporate reputation and relations, striving to become the leading company and setting an example for the sector.

Respect to People and Labor
Our employees and clients are our priority; we respect human rights, workforce and fundamental values.

Investing in the Future
We invest in the future to achieve our goals and attain long-lasting success.

Success and Result-Orientation
We offer quality and fast solutions, and provide innovative approaches focusing on the results.

Social and Environmental Responsibility
We act responsibly towards society and environment, protecting the values of humanity.